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Birmingham branding photography

As a small business owner, you know you need professional quality photographs to showcase your business. They’re something you’ve been told you “should” have but, when it comes to it, you’re not really sure why you need them or how to go about using them. You know you want your business to be taken seriously and it seems like all the businesses you aspire to be like definitely have great photos that weren’t just taken with a phone. 

A look into the future 

Take a minute and picture your business a few months from now on the other side of a branding photography shoot. Imagine a gallery full of images that define who you are, what you do and showcase your professionalism, ready for you to use. Those could be new photographs for your website—taking your online space to a more professional and bespoke level. They could be months and months of social media content, making it easy to stay visible on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or whatever your platform of choice is. They might even be high quality photos for you to print in brochures, on signs or whatever else you can think of. 

Ultimately, what you’ll have is a huge resource of photos that are totally unique to you and your business in a way that ties in with your overall brand and style.

This isn’t a dream. It’s reality.  



“Nikki captured some really beautiful headshots for my business. An excellent photographer who made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera”

Natural, relaxed branding photography that shows the heart of your business

With a background in wedding and family photography, I bring what I know from working in these areas to my branding photography. I work with heart-led business owners, community-based businesses and fellow “mumpreneurs” to produce natural, relaxed branding photos that show the heart of your business to your audience. 

Whether you’re looking for a few headshots or something more in-depth, like a full lifestyle shoot with props and various setups, I work with you through the planning process to make sure you get the kind of photos you really want. 

Here’s what you can expect

What I’ve learned, over the last few years, is that every business I work with is so entirely unique. Whether you’re just starting out or are well-established, whether you’re a business of one or you head up a small team of people, and whether budgets are tight or you’ve got marketing money to spend, your needs and wants are entirely unique to your particular business and experience. 

With that in mind, I haven’t created any specific packages for branding photography sessions. Instead, I prefer to hop on a call with you and find out exactly what it is you need so I can create a bespoke package that’ll suit your needs perfectly. 

A branding photography session isn’t just about the pictures I take for you though. Consider me as part of your brand strategy team as I bring all my knowledge and experience of running a business to your project. I’ll help you consider brand colours and how to showcase them in your images. I’ll also help you figure out where and how you’ll be using your pictures so we can create a list of shots that’ll work best for those situations and locations. 

Putting together your bespoke branding shoot is very much a collaboration and brainstorming of two business minds. And then yes, of course, there are the photos! Photos that showcase your personality, that look natural and relaxed, and that help you connect with your audience. And I can even do video, too!

That sounds alright, doesn’t it? 

Where would we do a branding photography session?

There are plenty of choices and it does depend very much on your business and brand. If you have a business location (a shop or office, for example) we could do it there. If you’re a home based business, we could use your home if you want. Another option is to plan your session in my natural light studio. It’s a neutral, well-lit space that can be dressed up and turned into an office or workspace for your session with some creative thought and planning. 

What should I wear for a branding photography session?

This is a question we’ll definitely tackle in the planning stages of your session. Ideally, you’ll want a couple of outfit changes. You might want to showcase your brand colours through your clothing, or having photographs taken that’ll carry you through multiple seasons. Choosing what to wear is a big part of planning your session but I promise I’ll be there to help you every step of the way. 

Should I get my hair and makeup done?

This is entirely up to you and it probably will depend on what sort of budget you have for the session. I would recommend spending a bit of time and effort in this area before your session though as you’re going to be using these photos to showcase your business so you probably want to show the best version of yourself as much as possible. If you’d like recommendations for people to do your hair and makeup, I’d be happy to supply some names. 

Are you insured?

Absolutely! I have insurance for my equipment and public liability. 

I get nervous in front of the camera. Will that be an issue?

I promise you won’t be the first person to feel nervous about having their photo taken. I bring everything I know from my background as a wedding and family photographer to your session and that includes how to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve and I usually manage to help people relax in just a few minutes so in a branding session with a little bit more time, I’m pretty sure you’ll be absolutely fine. 

Can you also do video?

I can! Short videos that show off what you do really complement branding photography as sometimes people need to see what you do in action rather than in still images. We can also include voice over audio so you can get your message across. A short video is a great way to feature your brand and video on your website will definitely help to get your business noticed. 

It’s time to take your business to the next level!

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